Storytelling with David Yarrow

Westside Merchandising was thrilled recently to honor our partner and collaborator, David Yarrow, at the Maddox Gallery LA. 

As highlighted in the press notes:

“Storytelling, a solo show by the legendary British photographer, takes his work to the next level through tales of adventure and misadventure on an epic scale. This assemblage of truly unmatched work brings the magic and brilliance of the big screen to still photography.

Inspired by the great film directors, Yarrow captures his own cinematic stories – from the wide-open vistas of the American West to the beaches of the Caribbean, from the coasts of Alaska to the plains of Africa, and from the Sea of Cortez to an old saloon in Montana. Whether poignant, dramatic, or provocative, the images are always magnificent.”

WSM was on hand to both support our groundbreaking partnership, and also unveil a preview of our first two collections. This apparel partnership will bring Yarrow’s imagery to a new wearable canvas (fashion) and expanded audiences across the globe.

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