Combining decades of music and entertainment industry experience, Westside Merchandising offers all encompassing merchandising programs and solutions.
We manage and license the merchandise rights for a variety
of artists, brands, athletes, charitable organizations,
and entertainment properties.


Westside Merchandising’s award-winning creative department, featuring in-house designers and a highly curated network of global artistic talent, has designed tens of billions of dollars worth of apparel and merchandise for the world’s leading entertainers, brands, retailers, and more.

(Chances are you’ve worn our designs more than once. There may be one of our designs tucked away in your closet right now.)

– Mount Westmore
– Snoop Dogg
– Miles Davis
– Ice Cube

– Skid Row
– General Motors
– The Source Magazine
– David Yarrow

– E-40
– Too $hort
– The Princess Bride
– Many More…

Brand building

From concept to shelf, we tap into the breadth of our experiences to design, produce, package, sell, and ship. And this includes using our relationships with retailers–from big box to specialty–to help secure space on shelves. We believe that every idea deserves consideration. We embrace the bold.

– Westside Originals
– The Source
– David Yarrow
– Mount Westmore

– Michel Haddi
– Oxymorrons
– Screen Stars
– Screen Stars Best

production & manufacturing

With more than 160,000 square feet (three football fields) of
combined production operations in the United States and Mexico, Westside Merchandising has the capability to custom cut, sew, dye (and more) the
highest quality products.

Our state-of-the-art facilities
provide market leadership and
inventory advantages for our
clients in their fast-turn retail

– Factories in Oceanside, CA
   and Tijuana, Mexico.
– 12 Automatic Print Machines
– More than 1,000,000/ Month
– 3 Sample Presses Run 24/7
– Fully Staffed Art + Customer
   Service Teams
– Largest Screen Print Factory in
   San Diego County

Tour +

Westside Merchandising has been part of the world’s biggest events and tours. Our team specializes in turn-key merchandise program management, which not only gives our clients (artists, promoters, labels, etc.) priceless peace of mind, but also provides valuable brand extensions that forever memorialize experiences and create lasting community building opportunities.

– All Manufacturing and Sourcing
– Tour Sales Forecasting & Logistics
– Venue Settlements + Advancing
– Merchandise Storage + inventory Control
– Staffing, vending & Security
– International Banking & Accounting
– Ticketing and VIP Meet & Greets

Retail +

Because our unparalleled experiences and relationships in entertainment give us advanced access to fashion influencers and influences, Westside Merchandising has been called upon to develop trendsetting designs and apparel for retailers such as, Spencers, Zumiez, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun, Hot Topic, The Gap, Forever 21, FashionNova, and others.

ecommerce +

Westside Merchandising designs, builds, and hosts ecommerce sites for
artists like Mount Westmore,
Skid Row, Michel Haddi, David
Yarrow Photography, The Freak Brothers, NBA YoungBoy, and more.

ecommerce +

Westside Merchandising designs, builds, and hosts ecommerce sites for artists like Mount Westmore, Skid Row, Michel Haddi, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, David Yarrow Photography, and more.

These custom digital stores, which feature high-quality imagery and the most efficient/intuitive navigation, directly link from our clients’ websites to the Westside Merchandising site not only to ensure the most seamless customer experience, but also provide the safest financial backend.

meet the team

With 30+ years of experience in the apparel manufacturing, promotional products, and restaurant industries, Seth started manufacturing clothing in 1989. Some of his past clients include Virgin Megastores, K2 Corp, Hang Ten, Von Dutch, and HB Clothing. Seth’s reputation as an innovative and creative business leader is the foundation for his global network of trend-setting vendors/partners in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central/South America, India, Vietnam and China.

He has created products for TBWA/Chiat/Day, including products & campaigns for Nissan, Infinity, Apple, Adidas, Hoover, Dole, Pepsi, Sony Playstation, Pedigree, Visa, ASCAP, Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Spago, Universal Music, and the Academy Awards (just to name a few). He has worked on a Presidential Inauguration; which included 1,000,000 buttons, 80,000 bandanas, 50,000 scarves, 55,000  t-shirts, 40,000 canvas bags and 25,000 nylon backpacks. While at Wolfgang Puck Food Company, he was part of the Executive team that built 14 new restaurants, assisted in new products and packaging design for the frozen foods division, took merchandising from $110,000 per year selling basic t-shirts to a full line of products with $1,200,000 sales in under two years.

Brian has been in the apparel manufacturing industry since he began making wetsuits in Huntington Beach for Victory Wetsuits in 1983. Mr. Parsons has held Senior VP of Manufacturing positions for several prestigious companies such as No Fear and Volcom.  During his tenure at Volcom, he directly managed the company’s manufacturing and distribution as the company experienced growth from 8,000,000 to over 130,000,000 in annual sales. Mr. Parsons traveled extensively throughout Asia, Central America, and Mexico to set up a network of vendors and supply chains, much of which Volcom still uses to date. 

In addition to his corporate experience, Mr. Parsons has owned several large manufacturing facilities. Most recently, Mr. Parsons built and operated LKWID LLC. LKWID LLC was known as the leader in innovative apparel, servicing the music industry with customers including Warner Music, Sony Music, Bravado, Live Nation, and others. Through these customers, LKWID LLC produced and distributed merchandise to most major retailers including Target, Hot Topic, Zumiez, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, etc.

With more than 25 years of success in music intellectual property and entertainment law, Helen Yu is one of the most well-respected attorneys in the music industry. Following stints in-house at Virgin Records America, Sony Pictures, Legacy entertainment law firm, and Cohen & Cohen, Helen founded her own practice, Yu Leseberg, A Professional Law Corporation. Helen prides herself on her firm’s unwavering stance as advocates for the artists, songwriters, producers, and music companies the firm represents. Known for her vigorous negotiations for clients coupled with strategic business counseling, Helen has secured a substantial history of successful victories.

David is an accomplished Executive with robust domestic and international experience on three continents (European, North American, and African) in marketing, business management, retail, logistics, finance, operations, and multi channel product distribution in corporate, medium and entrepreneurial organizations. David has over 15 years of apparel experience having run his own clothing distribution company, managed a number of established clothing brands as well as launched a number of contemporary and celebrity centric street wear brands such as x-karla (Karla Welch) and drewhouse (Justin Bieber’s streetwear label). Drawing on his unique skill set, David is able to bridge divides at all levels to resolve issues with a 360-degree point of view by understanding key divisional challenges.

FAVE T-Shirt: “Powell Peralta Ripper! Growing up skateboarding, especially in a closed off South Africa during the Apartheid years, this tee symbolizes that punk rock mentality for me. Rebellion, Progression and that do it yourself mentality.”

Bryden Lando is a multidisciplinary artist. Living in a world filled with vivid colors, electricity, and music, Bryden is drawn to filmmaking, painting, photography, and fashion design. He has owned, operated and designed multiple premium clothing brands, as well as run his own private label manufacturing business. Throughout his career, Bryden has developed an unmistakable style and aesthetic, which he brings to every new venture. He thrives on understanding the heart and soul of a project, and filters it through a unique kaleidoscope, which was forged by the artistic and soulful wonder of growing up on Maui, Hawaii. Lando currently lives and works in Ventura, California.

Vanessa has over 30 years’ business experience in media, education, marketing, finance and general management in the medical, educational, governmental and private sector fields. Her background extends from newspaper and magazine publications, radio appearances, television reporting, to her corporate education and marketing experience at one of the largest medical facilities on the East Coast, Allied Services. At age 22, she owned her own small business, Design Essentials, providing services in interior design and home renovations. Thereafter, she was invited to become the public relations specialist and serve directly under the District Attorney of Lackawanna County, PA.

After moving back to California in 1995, she became an entrepreneur managing her retail family business handling finance and customer service. For several years, she was Controller for Seychelle Water Filtration, a growing public corporation overseeing all financial and human resource activities of the company and serving in consortium with the CFO and CEO.  Mrs. Parsons is active in the community doing volunteer work for the elderly, animal husbandry and acting as an educator for a local church affiliated school. She homeschooled two of her children through high school, seeing them graduate from California State University, Fullerton, both with advanced business degrees. She continues to homeschool her third child. Currently, she is Chief Financial Officer for Westside Merchandising. Vanessa Parsons has a B.A. from Penn State University.

FAVE T-Shirt
My Carrie Underwood “Storyteller” Tour Shirt. Whenever I look it at, it takes me back to the memory of a great concert, dancing front row, with my daughter. Priceless

As a visible leader in both the apparel & licensing industries, Duval spent years in the Southern California surf & LA denim scene. He has forged groundbreaking creative initiatives for The Walt Disney Company, helping to launch their Vintage Disney brand, and for Learfield/IMG as the founding Licensee for the College Vault. As creative & sales director for Delta Apparel’s D-LAB, Duval and the brand, Junk Food, developed the retail/licensor/Licensee partnership that is commonplace in today’s retail circles. As a Vice President of New Business Development at publicly held Delta Apparel Inc. (DLA), he helped to negotiate a licensing agreement and eventual acquisition of the brand, Salt Life. His passion for food has led to founding a chain of restaurants in Southern California aptly named, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (J-fat.com). Jimmy, a recent transplant from California to Northwest Arkansas, and has raised three beautiful daughters. Twins Stella & Tess, both international models based in NY & LA, and Lana, an avid golfer and Freshman at Arkansas Tech.

FAVE T-Shirt: “My vintage 1980’s Lightning Bolt tee. I got it on a college Spring Break trip to Ft Lauderdale (the inventors of spring break) and wore it until it was threadbare. I don’t think I took it off once during the following summer on Cape Cod.

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