full service apparel and merchandise manufacturing

We are the DIRECT source and own and operate 3 facilities in California and Mexico that total over 225,000 square feet of space.

On average we dye, print, sell and ship over 1.5 million garments a month to customers and retailers all over the world.

We also have IN HOUSE  embroidery, paper goods printing, dye sublimation and custom skateboard printing. 


Westside Merchandising offers all encompassing merchandising programs and solutions. We manage and oversee the merchandise rights for a variety of artists, brands, athletes, charitable organizations, and entertainment properties.

custom tie dye


Westside Merchandising has an in-house design and graphic arts department. This permits us the ability to react to market trends and client’s needs on a daily basis. 

Production & Manufacturing

We own our manufacturing facilities. This includes screen printing, tie-dying, garment dying, dye-sublimation, print on demand, and custom cutting and sewing.


Westside Merchandising offers full service global live event and tour merchandising coverage. This includes forecasting, staffing, vending, logistics, inventory storage, financing and accounting. We work directly with venues ranging from small clubs to arenas and stadiums, as well as themed cruises and multi-artist live event festivals. 


Westside Merchandising sells directly to all levels of retail. We also have an extensive network of sales representatives throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. We also have collaborative partnerships with a variety of retail clients around the world to quickly develop exclusive and custom apparel, both licensed and private label. Our retail partnerships and distribution channels help our clients and brands reach their fans where they shop worldwide.


Here are some of the many retail partners we work with and sell to everyday:

music merchandise commerce skid row


We design, build and host custom web-stores. These stores seamlessly link from our client’s websites directly to the Westside Merchandising site. Our online orders are also 100% pick, packed and shipped in-house and we warehouse our entire inventory and employ a staff to service all orders.


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